Sunday, April 20, 2008

Help! Forefront Engines update timed out while downloading updates and keep logging Errors !.

Well, I had this problem myself a while before, when i was awaiting updates to be downloaded and get installed on the Forefront Server Security For Exchange, i found that many engines updates are not applied and error message in the application log stating that it's just timed out ..

the mystery behind that is the default time out value is 5 minutes, which is fine with many organizations, and everything is cool, but sometimes with some latency and network problems it just don't allow the updated to be graped in that assigned time .. so what we will do here is modifying the registry and increase that time.. and don't worry it don't need any restart to your server or services. just do it right !

open RUN and type RegEdit go to this path:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Forefront Server Security\Exchange Server

and make a new DWORD there with the name of EngineDownloadTimeout , right click the key and choose Modify and put there the required value, let's say we will make it 10 minutes, so write there 600 ( it's counted in seconds) and voila it's done

Just note that this is still applicable on Forefront for sharepoing still with the same Reg path but with changing Exchange by sharepoint ..

Good Luck

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Event ID 1002, Source: MSExchangeSetup , and Error: Process execution failed with exit code 5, when uninstalling Exchange 2007


Event ID 1002

Source: MSExchangeSetup

Error: Process execution failed with exit code 5

when uninstalling Exchange 2007


This happen for the DiagnosticCmdletController.dll file is not registered (it supposed to be but maybe not registered for any crazy reason)


make a search for the DiagnosticCmdletController.dll file, and go for each location where that file is, and reregister it again by regsvr32 command, for example:

C:\C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\bin\Monitoring\x86\regsvr32.exe DiagnosticCmdletController.dll

DllRegisterServer in DiagnosticCmdletController.dll succeeded.

Please don't repeat this process for each location where that file is

Good Luck

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Configure Autoreply to messages in exchange 2007

I has been requested once to configure autoreply to messages sent to helpdesk in exchange 2007, imemdiatly i told the customer if OOF is accepted he denied that and he need a autoreply one

well, here is how i made that

it's in two parts, from server side (Exchange 2007 HUB Role) and from outlook side

A- From server Side:
Exchange 2007 by default will block autoreplies and auto forward messages, hence we need to configure this to allow this-like messages
1- open EMC and go to organization configuration
2- navigate to Hub transport and remote domains tab
3- click properties of the remote domains and go to Message format tab
4- check the check box there that allow auto reply (and auto forward if needed) and OK

1- Open Outlook.
2- Click Tools, and click Rules and Alerts.
3- Click New Rule, select "Start from a blank rule", select "Check messages when they arrive" and click Next.
4 - Select "Send only to me" and click Next.
5- Select "have server reply using a specific message".
6- In the bottom box, click "a specific message", enter the Subject and body for the autoreply message and click "Save and close".

Now test it by sending a message to the configured account and you will get an autoreply

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Outlook anywhere keep prompt for a password even NTLM authentication is selected

Outlook anywhere keep prompt for a password even NTLM authentication is selected

that occure if value of the Server attribute is set incorrectly for the EXPR OutlookProvider object

run this command on all CAS Servers

Set-OutlookProvider EXPR -Server $null
and restart IIS will resolve the issue