Thursday, November 29, 2007

E12 SP1 Released and its features

Hi Friends,
As we all know that Exchange 2007 SP1 will be released for production tomorrow 30/11/2007 after a while in market as a beta release. Now I will navigate you for the SP1 features and enhancements:
- Support for IPv4 and IP6
If you installed Exchange 2007 SP1 on windows Server 2008 you have an option to enter the IPv6 format
- CAS Improvement
o GUI for administering POP3 and IMAP4 for authentication, connection and ports setting
o EAS Improvement:
§ An Exchange ActiveSync default mailbox policy is created.
§ Enhanced Exchange ActiveSync mailbox policy settings have been added.
§ Remote Wipe confirmation has been added
§ Direct Push performance enhancements have been added
o Changes to Outlook Web Access Light so that Outlook Web Access does not time out while a user is composing a long entry.
o Changes to Outlook Web Access Premium The following features have been added to Outlook Web Access Premium in Exchange 2007 SP1:
§ Users can create and edit Personal Distribution Lists.
§ Users can create and edit server side rules.
§ WebReady Document Viewing has added support for some Office 2007 file formats
§ Users will have access to the dumpster from Outlook Web Access and will be able to use the Recover Deleted Items feature.
§ A monthly calendar view has been added.
§ Move and copy commands have been added to the Outlook Web Access user interface.
§ Public Folders are supported through the /owa virtual directory.
§ S/MIME support has been added.
- HUB Improvement
o Improvements in Transport Rule in the Back Pressure Future
o The addition of transport configuration options to the Exchange Management Console
- MB Improvement
o Public folder management by using the Exchange Management Console in MB server Role
o New public folder features
o Mailbox management improvements
o Ability to import and export mailbox by using .pst files
o New performance monitor counters for online database defragmentation
o Standby continuous replication
o New quorum models (disk and file share witness)
- Unified Communication
o Many features and enhancement for UM server role [ check the website]

And Support for public folder access. Public folders can now be created, deleted, edited, and synchronized by using the Exchange Web Services.

I will give a brief of SCR new feature in Exchange 2007 SP1

o Standby continuous replication

Basically, a regional cluster solution, or remote site recovery that Microsoft present to us out of the box. In brief instead of using LCR to replicate the database to a local hard drive in the Exchange Server 2007 server, SCR lets the copy of the storage group take place on multiple remote Exchange Server 2007 server within the site or between two sites. In the event the production server fails, then the copy generated by SCR can be mounted and run. I really love the MS Exchange team !



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