Saturday, October 27, 2007

Forefront Client Security Features

1- Best Of Breed:
As Microsoft infrastructure products fit best together with its other Microsoft products, we offer FCS that integrate with AD infrastructure and integrate with your operating system well as. The anti virus vender is the same with the operating system vendor which present the Best Of Breed and integration between the same Microsoft platform ensuring that no Third parties overwrites or additional registry keys. beside other anti viruses while uninstalling, It doesn't remove all its registry keys and files.. FCS works best with Microsoft Desktops

2- Unified protection
While any antivirus system is based on windows system and its services, and while operating system is booting and starting service after service, you should know that the over-windows services always run the latest as kernel and core windows services must run first, till the operating system complete it’s loading and the antivirus service is not yet initiated, the operating system is 100% unsecured and as it have not any antivirus software installed , and any worm even it’s absolute worm can attack your system and kill your antivirus service at the first place !
With Forefront client security you ensure that operating system is batched with latest batches and hot fixes to ensure there are no worms attack that will use any old or new System vulnerability to launch attack on your system by distributing updates by Microsoft Software update Service

3- Best Of Class
One of the best antivirus have been before in house with low price against others

4 – Deployment
Setting get to client by means of group policies with the GPMC that add registry keys to the FCS Client to point him to his management server which present ease of use out-of-the-box

5- Reporting
With Microsoft SQL reporting engine, and with the managed MOM agent that’s deployed with FCS client, you can generate reports on incidents and events that had happened in the Viruses behavior in your network

· Awards
Info Security 2008 Global Product Excellence Finalist
ICSA Labs Certification
Virus Bulletin 100% Award
West Coast Labs Checkmark Certification

· Reporting Design


Unified Protection
One solution for spyware and virus protection
Built on protection technology used by millions worldwide
Effective threat response
Complements other Microsoft security products

Simplified Administration
One console for simplified security administration
Define policy to manage client protection agent settings
Deploy signatures and software faster
Integrates with your existing infrastructure

Visibility and control
One dashboard for visibility into threats and vulnerabilities
View insightful reports
Stay informed with state assessment scans and security alerts


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